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16-01-23 - - - -
17-01-23 - - - -
18-01-23 - - - -
19-01-23 - - - -
20-01-23 - - - -
21-01-23 - - - -
22-01-23 - - - -
23-01-23 - - - -
24-01-23 - - - -
25-01-23 - - - -
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27-01-23 - - - -
28-01-23 - - - -
29-01-23 - - - -
30-01-23 - - - -
31-01-23 - - - -


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02-02-23 - - - -
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05-02-23 - - - -
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Satta Record Chart Information

Online gambling is the way to go in India for the bettors these days. But it is also supported by the contact of the offline bookies. However, multiple players are betting their favourite game every day or every week for earning the perfect chance to win their luck and purchase their favourite items from that money earned through the Satta King online games.

In the middle of these online games, the Satta record chart is one thing that matters a lot while you are planning to win and try your analysis of the random numbers that have been drawn in the past. So, in this website page, we will be giving you detailed information about Satta and the Satta record chart so that you never make a mistake whenever you are planning to invest money in any of the Satta King games online/offline.

Satta Record Chart Overview

This is a chart that you get online on the web portal or on the direct official websites of the Satta operators. These charts help you to know about the previous winnings, as well as the slots that are filled or the numbers have been bet on already.

Then you can run your own statistics in mind to know what your chances are on winning and which number you should place your next bet on. These charts are available for the different Satta King Online games which are termed after particular regions like Desawar Satta, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Peshawar, Hindustan, etc.

So, while you browse these charts, you will come across different region names. You should not be confused because these are not just the city names but the actual gambling games that are being played by other players in the market.

In front of these regional names, you will find the numbers that have been previously drawn by the Satta operators or the computing devices that are used for lucky draws. Thus, these Satta record charts are very useful to get you updated on the latest information about each region game that you are currently interested in.

How is Satta King related to the Satta record chart?

Without Satta or Satta King, there is no meaning or importance of a Satta record chart. This chart defines the actual winnings and the past records of the Satta Bajar lucky draws.

Thus, let’s get you cleared on the fact about what a Satta King is.

So, Satta is a gamble that is played in most of the Indian regions today. This is a lucky draw type of gamble. In this game, bettors love to place a particular amount of money on the number they love between 1 to 90.

This bet is placed usually through the reliable bookies or Khaiwals in your area. Then, every bettor, including you, will have to wait for the results to be drawn after the bets are closed for the day or for the round of the game you are playing in the region you live.

Afterwards, the role of the Satta record chart comes into play. This Satta King chart helps you an average bettor to know what is the current status of each region game. That is because each region's Satta games have different timings and different Satta numbers that are drawn out.

So, at one glance, you get to know how many regional Satta games have been played today and how many are left. You also get to know if your region Satta King online game has declared the result or not.

If you are on the official website of the gaming operator, then, nowadays, you also get a facility of online chat support. There, the executives will help you get in touch with the recognised bookies or the gaming operators for further query, if you are not able to understand anything about the game as of yet.

Why is Satta King played so much in India?

People in India are increasingly investing in Satta because they love to try their luck. This is a kind of luck that can make you richer overnight. But at the same time, the chances of that scenario happening are similar to none. The number of each player winning is like or near about one percent.

Thus, it involves very high risk and attracts those people who have a very large spare time, or those who have large funding available but are not sure what to do about it for some quick cash returns. After that, people who are in urgent need of some quick cash for their personal or professional life also love to try their luck in the random drawings of the Satta numbers offered by the Satta King operators.

Eventually, if a player repeats this behaviour, again and again, there are chances of you, as a bettor, to become habitual. Then, this gambling can become an addiction. After a while, people often forget why they invest in Satta King online games initially, when they first came into contact with a bookie of their area.

How to read a Satta King Chart?

If you are genuinely and fairly new to the gambling world, this might be the thought running in your mind. But that’s a very easy thing to do. We have clearly mentioned in some parts about the Satta record chart being in full use and being associated with the Satta King online.

But let’s dig deeper into the exact use and working of the Satta record chart online.

Firstly, you would have to know about the official website that you think will be reliable enough for the Satta King result that can be trusted and further studied on. For finding this link, you can consult your other bettor friends and the bookies that you know of as of now.

Otherwise, you can simply run the Google search and check the website with the highest engagement, rating, or the highest rank on the Google search engine results page. This is one way to find the best Satta record chart for the region games that you want to place your bet on.

Next, go to that website and find the chart that might be overwhelmed with various numbers on the main page or might have other sections on the website, fully associated with the charts.

These numbers are nothing but the past records against the region games. Again, the website interface also matters. Some websites have different charts for different regional games on separate pages.

While on some websites, you might find a single chart is showing the past record of the different games at once. Thus, as a user, you will have to conduct a study of these Satta record charts yourself. You will have to know which chart is easier for you to read and understand about the past lucky draws or the Satta number draws and winners.

Then, you can run your own simulation analysis or study on the background using the analytical tools, if you may, or if you have any interest in finding the calculations or the logical reasoning behind the lucky draws. But that will take a lot of time.

So, until and unless you have so much to invest, the attempt is fruitless to dig so much deeper into the working of a Satta record chart. For most of the users or bettors, these charts best suit the purpose to know what is the live status of the game they are playing in their region. Then for those who are new and curious, they can know about the recordings that have been made in the past.

Can you trust any Satta Record chart online?

This is a very tricky and very easy question to answer at the same time. For this, you have to bag certain knowledge about betting, Satta King, and the Satta record chart that you see on various gambling websites these days.

That knowledge helps you to discover those websites or gambling operators which are genuine. Then if you are visiting a genuine website, it is a given fact that the Satta record chart will also be genuine and trustable.

However, it is not a hidden truth that there are many fakes websites online as well. They are making money by giving fake advice to people. They do not have any office in real life, and they use fake numbers, which might not work after they swindle your money.

So, you have to be cautious while visiting a website and knowing if the bookie’s information given there is real or not. You should check the address on the website, or the domain authority, if that is the case. Or another best way is to take a recommendation from your bettor friend, who has been betting on different regional games for quite some time now.

How to confirm the Satta King results given on the Satta Record chart?

If you want to confirm the Satta King result you have been checking on the Satta King chart, then it’s best you get in contact with the reliable bookie in your locality. Or trust that friend who already might have been using that chart for placing his bets online on the same regional gambling game.